Mandela Day

On the 18th of July 2023, six members from Crossing Borders – Furkan from Turkey, Giselle from Brazil, Anna from France, Karolina from the Czech Republic, Kateryna from Ukraine, and Tanya from India volunteered with the South African Embassy to help the Missionaries of Charity in Copenhagen for Mandela Day.

On this symbolic date, the birthday of Nelson Mandela, kindness and generosity were requirements. The volunteers cooked different dishes and helped serve the food to 50 homeless people who came for a little comfort.

Everybody also had the chance to taste the wonderful birthday cake to celebrate this day in honor of Nelson Mandela.

Here are some words from our volunteers:

Anna: I really enjoyed being a volunteer for Mandela Day, helping people in need by cooking and serving food for them. It reminded me of the importance of being good, generous, and showing solidarity towards people who need it the most. It was also very nice to peel vegetables, make salad, and prepare all kinds of dishes with CB members; it felt like a family!

Tanya: Volunteering at the Missionaries of Charity for Mandela Day was a truly humbling experience. It allowed me to feel grateful for what I have while also acknowledging the responsibility to help those less fortunate. I enjoyed being actively involved on the other side of the kitchen – preparing, serving, and assisting. It was heartwarming to witness the impact of our efforts in brightening the day for those we served. The day served as a reminder that we can all contribute to making the world a more compassionate and caring place.

Giselle: Helping to cook, serve, and talk to homeless people in Copenhagen on Mandela Day 2023 gave me different feelings. Of course, I felt good to help and cooperate with an organization that feeds vulnerable people in Copenhagen. Also, I enjoyed seeing the Crossing Borders team working in beautiful synergy with the South African Embassy team to spread Mandela’s legacy of making a positive impact in our community, and we impacted the lives of the people we cared for that day. As Mandela Day is also a day of reflection, I hope for better days for all nations where no one suffers from basic needs, and I wish we find “AMOR” wherever we go.

Kateryna: I am delighted to be a part of the Mandela Day organization for the second year now. Working alongside the team has been a joy as we efficiently and swiftly handled all the preparations in the kitchen for those in need. The venue, our team, and the visitors served as a heartwarming reminder of the significance of compassion and benevolence in our world.

Furkan: It was a great opportunity to volunteer at the event to help people in need by cooking and serving food with my colleagues and people from the South African Embassy on a special day such as Mandela Day. Also, cooking for more than 50 people was something I haven’t tried before. I enjoyed my time in the kitchen during the preparation phase. The highlight of the day, for me, was the moment I served the food and received a simple “thank you” with a smile. At the end of the day, I left the place with a feeling of relief by knowing I have done something good for the society I have been living in for almost a year.

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