Capacity Strengthening for Changemakers – Teach the Child, Nigeria  

Our mission:  

A 3 days’ workshop in Copenhagen facilitated by Crossing Borders on Organization development and non-formal education methodologies and a 3-day workshop in Nigeria to equip the staff of Teach the Child Initiative and public-school educators with the tools necessary to improve learning outcomes in young learners, particularly those who attend public education institutions. This exercise will influence every other project implemented that target contributing to the achievement of goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals -Quality Education.  

The importance of quality education in Nigerian context 

Teach the Child began as a solution to the public education crises in Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the shutdown of schools experienced all around the world because of lockdown policies, students from low-income earning families who attend public schools in Nigeria did not have access to online learning like their counterparts in private schools. 

Our partner:  

This is the first time CB and Teach the Child partner on a project together. It is a first step torwards both organizations building a sustianble future under SDG 4, Quality Education and SDG 17 for Partnerships and goals. Both CB and Teach the Child share a common strategic goal of “educating, connecting and empowering youth to take an active role in their societies”, providing a strong foundation for a continued partnership for the benefit of community members in the project area. 

Our goal:  

This project will mobilize and engage several stakeholders comprising of distinguished policy advocates, educational development professionals, local educational boardgames and community engagement specialists who have worked in the humanitarian and development sectors in Nigeria to contribute and to benefit from the workshops. Secondary beneficiaries are the children in the classrooms which make up of at least 800 children in the 1st school year.  

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