SDGs Ambassadors – Engagement Project

Empowering Global Citizens: Uniting Schools for Sustainable Change  

The mission: 

In this project, our mission is to foster meaningful connections between students in Denmark and Africa, empowering them to work together towards common goals. Through education, collaboration, and sustainable initiatives, we aim to inspire a sense of global responsibility and create a positive impact on both communities.  

Addressing Global Challenges: Sustainable Development, Education, and Cross-Cultural Understanding: 

In this initiative, we address crucial aspects such as sustainable development, global education, and cross-cultural understanding. By focusing on Sustainable Development Goals, fostering international partnerships, and enhancing educational experiences, we aim to tackle social disparities, promote empathy, and nurture a generation of responsible global citizens.  

Our partners: 

Our key partners include the civil society organization 100% for Børnene (100%), the reputable consulting firm Promentum, and seven dedicated schools in Fredensborg municipality, notably represented by Humlebæk Skole. Together, we are breaking barriers, fostering global connections, and empowering students and educators to create a positive impact on a global scale. With this collective effort, we are shaping a brighter, more interconnected future for all.  

Our goal: 

From this project, we anticipate a profound transformation in both educational landscapes and global perspectives. We expect to witness a significant increase in students’ engagement and motivation as they actively work towards Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, we anticipate strengthened cross-cultural understanding, fostering empathy and compassion among students and educators alike. Through international partnerships and enhanced educational experiences, we aim to create a generation of responsible global citizens who actively contribute to social equity and sustainable development, leaving a lasting positive impact on communities worldwide.

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