An Evening of Insight and Unity with Charlotte Flindt

On October 12, our Food For Thought event featured a remarkable guest, Charlotte Flindt, an expert in international relations and a captivating speaker who shared valuable insights about her experiences and thoughts on current global issues.  

As a member of the CB team, I was welcoming guests at the entrance when I witnessed a touching moment that truly represented our community’s spirit. An elderly man, eager to attend but lacking a Mobilepay app, was helped by a caring couple who bought his ticket. This act of kindness highlighted the warmth of our community, where age and familiarity are no barriers. 

At the beginning of the event, attendees shared their diverse origins, emphasizing the event’s inclusive atmosphere. Following that, Charlotte shared her life story: portraying her teenage years spent in the Soviet Union and vividly describing her experiences, both in her studies and work. Later She went beyond personal stories. She addressed the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the tensions between Israel and Palestine. Her words resonated deeply, especially when she said, “Courage brings Freedom,” highlighting Ukraine’s resilience against Russia’s aggression. She also emphasized a fundamental truth: “War happens when people stop having a dialogue.” This insight shed light on the complex situation in Israel and Palestine, stressing the need for open conversations to promote understanding and peace.  

After her impressive speech, attendees gathered for a shared meal, where conversations continued. Witnessing new connections form was heartening, showcasing the warm atmosphere of Food For Thought events. These interactions highlighted the event’s importance – it’s not just discussions; it’s a platform fostering friendships and meaningful talks. The event reminded us of the power of dialogue and understanding. War often arises from communication breakdowns. Charlotte’s words guided us toward a world where open discussions prevail, ensuring unity and peace.  

Food For Thought isn’t just an event, It’s about inspiring change, making connections, and embracing diverse perspectives. We welcome you to become part of our community, where every voice is valued, and every story contributes to our shared understanding. Join us on November 16 for another evening of enlightenment and togetherness! 

Authored By: Luka Tsibadze

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