Galvin Harrison’s Remarkable Journey: Crafting Unity Through Art 

On November 16th, Crossing Borders, hosted a special “Food For Thought” event that brought together 40 people from different backgrounds. The event was held in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and it gave participants the opportunity to connect with each other and share their personal stories. It’s a chance to learn from and be inspired by each other’s experiences in a supportive environment, all while enjoying a delicious meal together. The special guest for the November 16th edition was Gavin Harrison, the founder of T.N.G. Projects. 

Galvin Harrison, a visionary artist, is transforming young lives in Nørrebro, Copenhagen through a remarkable initiative called T.N.G Projects. T.N.G stands for The Next Generation, and it’s all about inspiring young people to make sculptures that tell their stories. He was born in prison and grew up in a harsh care system.But instead of letting that hold him back, he turned it into something powerful. He used his love for art to help himself and now wants to help others. 

Galvin’s message is clear: art can change lives and bring people closer. With his project, he’s giving young people a chance to express themselves and feel proud of who they are. 

Driven by a profound understanding of the challenges faced by young people in navigating their identities, Galvin envisioned a project that would not only empower them to embrace their uniqueness but also foster a sense of unity and belonging. T.N.G Projects was born out of this vision, with its sculptures serving as tangible expressions of togetherness and acceptance, transcending the boundaries of age and cultural divides. Galvin believes that art can bridge gaps and help people feel accepted and understood. 

During this event, Galvin shared how art changed his life. He talked about making beautiful sculptures and how they bring people together. He showed amazing, sculptures made by youth and kids.

Galvin understands the struggles faced by many young people who inherit a mix of cultures. These challenges can create conflicts within them, making it hard to feel like they belong. He believes that by creating a welcoming space where everyone’s story is celebrated, these conflicts can be healed.

His dedication to helping young people find their identity despite the challenges they face is commendable. Galvin’s journey teaches us that no matter the obstacles, embracing art and unity can create a better future for everyone. 

Galvin’s journey is proof that no matter where you start, you can create something beautiful and inspire others along the way. With art, he’s making a world where everyone’s story counts and where we all understand and support each other. 

Both the Food for Thought event and Galvin Harrison’s visionary T.N.G project share a profound similarity: the celebration of diversity and the power of shared narratives. While one provides a platform for individuals to exchange life stories in a warm and welcoming environment, the other, through its sculptures and artistry, embraces the same spirit of inclusivity and learning. Both initiatives stand as beacons of empathy, encouraging understanding, and fostering connections that transcend barriers of age, background, and nationality. They remind us that in sharing our stories and celebrating our differences, we create spaces where empathy thrives, understanding flourishes, and unity prevails. 

About the author: I’m Bikalpa Bibash Basaula, an intern at Crossing Borders, Denmark. I recently had the pleasure of attending the Food For Thought event, organized by Crossing Borders, and it was an incredible experience.

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  1. Firstly, a heartfelt thank you to Bikalpa Bibash Basaula for a very fine text. . I was made to feel most welcome among socially committed people of such cultural diversity. The evening in question will certainly be filed in my personal memory bank as an unforgettable wonderful experience.

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