An Evening of Connection and Reflection with Narcis George Matache #FoodForThought

Most internationals in Denmark surely know of his journalistic work through ‘Last Week in Denmark.’ Since 2021, Narcis Matache and his team have aimed at empowering people of all backgrounds by informing them about both Danish and EU political and socioeconomic happenings. However, this is only one of Mr. Matache’s activities. Looking forward to preparing society for future challenges, he is also an entrepreneur devoted to making entrepreneurship accessible for internationals via Aalborg Institute for Development and a civil society activist via AMIS.

On the 22nd of February, we had the chance to meet this engaged person up close on the occasion of Food for Thought organized by Crossing Borders. After Garba Diallo stressed the importance of storytelling for human beings, Narcis Matache opened up and shared stories from his early young age when he came from Romania to Denmark. Even since he was a student, he has been a passionate activist, wanting to make Denmark a more welcoming place for internationals and bring Europe closer. Matache strongly encourages political engagement for all. For example, one of his aims has been to help non-Danish speakers become a part of Danish society. He highlighted the surprise of people when, in 2013, there were announcements for EU citizens in English that they could vote in the local elections. In Denmark, where there are almost one million internationals (almost 300,000 are just non-Danish EU citizens), Narcis shared his vision of building a safe and inclusive place for all ‘People of Denmark’ instead of just ‘Danish’ people, as he prefers to call them.

On the occasion of the topic of the evening, the diversity of people was noticeable too. In the hospitable space of the Union in Norrebro, we had the chance to savor a delicious meal prepared by ‘Send Frere Krydderier’ (Send More Spices, in English), the multinational social kitchen at the Union. By candlelight, we enjoyed a drink, getting to know people of all backgrounds, sharing ideas, and networking in a way that could make it possible to actually build relationships. It was a beautiful evening, an unforgettable intimate experience. Looking forward to the next Food for Thought event!

Written By: Angeliki Alexopoulou

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