A Special Food for Thought with Andrii Kuzmyn #FoodForThought

Held on April 18, 2024, we hosted our monthly Food for Thought event. This month, our guest was Andrii Kuzmyn, the General Manager of the non-profit organization ‘Bevar Ukraine’. Bevar Ukraine is the largest humanitarian organization run by and for Ukrainians. They provide logistical support to Ukraine and Ukrainians who have sought refuge in Denmark. During the presentation, Andrii shared his life story, global adventures, personal and professional experiences, as well as his civic and humanitarian activism, along with heartfelt thoughts that motivate and inspire him to support Ukraine from his base in Denmark.

Andrii’s career is as diverse as his personal life, having taken him around the world and involved him in various fields from IKEA to finance to corporations like Siemens and WSA. The Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014 proved to be a pivotal moment for Andrii, driving him to found and lead Bevar Ukraine since then. Bevar Ukraine collects and delivers humanitarian aid, including medical kits, hospital beds, and ambulances, while also providing psychological support to displaced Ukrainians in Denmark.

As usual, participants in this event come from various backgrounds, including students, all sharing a common interest in the situation in Ukraine.

The event was facilitated by Oksana, a youth leader from Ukraine. In their engaging conversation, Andrii and Oksana Nykytyuk were able to touch upon the deep-seated challenges facing Ukraine and the emotional distress only understood by those directly involved. Through Andrii’s presentation, we were able to deepen our understanding of the tragic situations of the war in Ukraine, and each of us had a chance to consider what we can do for people in difficult situations.

Following the presentation, participants engaged in discussions over a community dinner prepared by the renowned chefs of Send Flere Krydderier, concluding the evening in a peaceful atmosphere.

Article written by: Masato Isaji
Video edited by: Oussama El Sayed

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