CALL FOR PARTNERS – Young Eco-entrepreneur Start-ups


Crossing Borders in Denmark and its Swedish partner SWideas are pleased to invite to join in this innovative project under the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership for the 1 October.

Project title: Eco-Entrepreneurship Start-Ups

Project type: Erasmus + Strategic Partnership

Number and type of partners: 4 programme countries

Lead applicant: Crossing Borders (Denmark)

Project objectives

  • Developing Eco-entrepreneurship Knowledge Resource Hub for creative eco-entrepreneurial skills for young people
  • Facilitating strategic partnership and innovation for good practices
  • Fostering eco-enterprise among youth in line with the EU’s Horizon 2020 vision objective of employability
  • Building the capacities of youth for the development of a more sustainable, dynamic Eco-entrepreneurship sector contributing to economic growth and youth employment
  • Enabling a core of 20 young people to develop business plans for the creation of Eco-entrepreneurship projects and ideas for projects/small businesses
  • Institutional capacity building and training of partners


Target groups

Young people aged 15-30 with Eco-enterprise aptitudes


  1. Mapping exercise of the needs for the Eco-entrepreneurship in the partner countries
  2. Non-formal educational program for Eco-entrepreneurship
  3. Awareness raising seminars/events about the Eco-entrepreneurship
  4. Business mentoring
  5. Comprehensive training program for beneficiaries
  6. Peer learning and co-creation
  7. Deployment and dissemination of project results
  8. Pilot incubators by the project target group
  9. National and trans-national kick-off and experience sharing meetings
  10. Project monitoring, evaluation and reporting


Partner Organizations

To be considered as partner in this project, partner organizations need to meet the following criteria:

  • Non-profit NGO or social enterprise based in the EU programme countries
  • Work for the benefit of society
  • Share and work according to universal human rights principles of solidarity and respect for diversity
  • Have a solid local and international dimension in their work
  • Committed to contribute to the project at all levels from preparation through implementation, evaluation and dissemination, sustainability and follow‐up


Next Steps

If your organization meets the above criteria, you are welcome to send us your organizational data by filling out and returning the enclosed organizational form by 15 August 2015.


Contact details:

For all questions, please contact our director Garba Diallo:

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