Meet the Team – Aarhus

Crossing Borders has been in Aarhus since March and the second internship programme has just started. Meet the team that has been bringing dialogue to Jutland.

CB has been expanding its activities to Aarhus and we have been organizing events such as #InTheSameBoat, making interviews and creating videos to empower youth and, most of all, creating space for dialogue.


The second edition of the CB Aarhus internship will be focused on social media, organizing events and making sure Aarhus multicultural youth is heard loud and clear. We also want to empower our interns by giving them leadership tools that they can use in their own communities and in their future careers. Here is the team making it possible:

aCatarina Santos (Portugal) – Coordinator

I love to travel and to live in different places, I have lived in Portugal, Spain, China, and I have now settled in Denmark. I have a background in Communication and in International Development and I love to write. My goal is to use my abilities and experiences to create the necessary space for dialogue and to make sure every voice is heard. I am passionate about development, feminism, social media and culture.


samantaSamanta Ruiz Rocha (Mexico)

I was born and raised in Mexico but I have been living in the United States for about 10 years now. I just graduated with a bachelors degree in political science/international relations and this fall I am starting a masters program in international studies at Aarhus university. In my free time I like watching movies, rock wall climbing or just hanging out with friends. Also, I really love traveling and seeing places I had never seen before.


kathrineKathrine Dybdahl Jensen (Denmark)

I’m a native dane and I have lived abroad for many years, most recently in Spain. I’m finishing my bachelors degree in Comparative Literature and Anthropology at Aarhus University this semester. When I can, I love to travel, experience new cultures and try new languages. I like to have projects to work on. In my spare time I enjoy writing and spending time with friends and family.



angeela2Angela Barakoska (Macedonia)

I am from Macedonia, right now i am finishing up my master thesis in International studies, programme at Aarhus University, so I would be graduated very very soon. Throughout the year i’ve been working as a volunteer, intern in many different areas related to EU, Amnesty International, University etc.In my spare time I really like to socialize with people, go to the gym (which is a must), visit interesting events and just try to enjoy life and use my time efficiently. I hope that together we would contribute to many interesting ideas and develop something creative and inspiring!

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