Women on the move – Celebrating International Women’s Day – Crossing Borders

Like, many other good people around the world, we celebrated International Women’s Day in true Crossing Borders way.

in this CB way, some 150 people from many different backgrounds, nationalities, ages, genders, and professions came together under the same roof to shed light and height the lives of women on the move, who have made it against multiple odds. For this we had 8 amazing women from 8 different countries share 8 powerful stories, songs, and poems with delicious food prepared by 8 men 8 different countries. The hall was full of people, deep emotions and inspirations. People left the place with positive energy, smiles in their faces and tears in their eyes and determination to make the world a better place for all.

A billion thanks to all those who came to be with us on this day, many thanks to the powerful speaker that gave us some food for thought, the poetries that we heard from Wanjiku Seest and Sarah Diallo were super powerful and made us think, the talks by Mozhdeh Ghasemiyani, Suzana Milovic, and Mary Consolata Namagambe opened our eyes on a lot of struggles that women still facing up to those days, and we don’t forget the very amazing music and powerful song words by Pernille Tolou Isedora Johansson that you are hearing in the video below. Special thanks go to our Vice-Chair of CB board, Rikke Rønholt for moderating the whole event and introducing the speakers, as well as a big thanks, go to our CB Board Chair, Vibeke Quaade for the event opening speech. You all have made our night unforgettable.

We don’t forget the CB team and the great cooks who made the food, the great team that makes things happen, we feel so lucky to have such a team from different countries in one place, working on the same missions, to create a place where people could live in peace. Thank you dream team.

Photos credit:

The pictures are taken by one of our very own, the talanted photographer Kannan P Samy, Project manager and CB board member. 

Facebook: Kannan P Samy 

Instagram: Kannan P Samy 

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