Partners meeting in Accra, Ghana – Localising the SDGs

From the 16th to 21st of February, 2022, our partners Open Space Forum from Uganda and Circus Zambia from Zambia were in Accra, ghana hosted by the Ghana Community Radio Network.

This comes as an important step in our common project Localising the SDGs in Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia.

The purpose of this partner’s meeting was to share knowledge, experiences, strategies, and inputs from the different situations in each country.
During this week, the partners, along with the local community, Radio stations members, community TV stations, have got the chance to be part of various activities and events including marking World Radio Day.
The partners also took part in discussions about the role of radio in fostering people’s right to information regarding the SDGs.

In addition to this, the partners highlighted the importance of community radios in facilitating the participation of communities in their own development, and finally giving Community Radio participants the experience of assessing, evaluating, and co-creating the appropriate Youth Parliament model that works best for Ghana Community Radio Network member stations and the communities that they serve.

Update on the Youth parliaments

The model youth Parliament of Damongo working with PAD FM (the Damongo community radio) held their maiden youth Parliament session on Monday the 21st February 2022.

46 participants from 23 GCRN members stations and other community members gave an audience to the Youth Parliament session made up of 6 caucuses representing 6 communities who met to deliberate on SDG 4 Quality education and featured the views, burning issues, and proposed solutions of their communities.

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