The key element in the “working together” recipe – PISH Project

Youth are leading the talks on the greatest challenges that the world is facing nowadays from climate change to social inequalities. These challenges are global and require collective effort in solving them. This implies that people from different backgrounds and cultures will have to work together in order to solve these problems. But what is the key element in the  “working together” recipe?

Working together requires clear communication, and in this case, youth need to be competent in intercultural communication. In this context, students in STEM education, who are fighting climate change and other global challenges, need to develop competence in intercultural communication. However, their education is often focused on building their professional capacity, and most of the time cultural barriers prevent effective communication and collaboration.

The PISH project (Problem-Based Learning, Intercultural Communications, and STEM in Higher Education) observed this problem and has brought partners around Europe skilled in Intercultural Communication within education together to build solutions that will enable students to develop competencies in intercultural communication in a peer-to-peer learning environment. The last meeting within this project took place in Volos, Greece where Emma – our EU program coordinator, and Aurore, from our communications team, attended.

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