Staff Trip to Samsø!

Written by Giselle Mesiara, Project Coordinator at Crossing Borders

11 Crossing Borders from 10 different nationalities departed from Copenhagen Central Station on the 12th of May to experience 3 sunny days of team building activities in the calm and relaxed atmosphere of Samsø Island, DK.

Samsø became Denmark’s first sustainable energy island, due to its commitment to become independent of fossil fuels by 2030. The island is known as Denmark’s Vegetable Garden due to its large production of potatoes and other vegetables.

Crossing Borders team members had the opportunity to visit many amazing places on the island guided by Garba Diallo, including the Energy Academy, which serves as a meeting place for discussions on sustainable development between residents and visitors interested in green energy. We then visited Samsø’s Nordby village, bought some local products, had ice cream by the pond and relaxed for a while.

In the afternoon, some of us went to the Labyrinten and it was fun to answer tricky questions about the world and get lost, but in the end, we managed to end at the right place and get out of the maze. The bike group biked to Issehoved hills and down to the sea and took memorable photos.

Crossing Borders team building was experienced in all senses, from organizing the trip, sharing household chores, small conversations in pairs or deep sustainability discussions and other discussions in group, sharing personal stories around bonfire and favourite music and experiencing the sensations that it brings to others, dancing with Turkish music and playing fun games at the bonfire. Everything was simple, genuine and fun.

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