BRAND Project: Transnational Project Meeting 

Written By: Giselle Mesiara

The main objective of the BRAND project is to raise awareness among young people about fast fashion and its effects on the environment as well as provide youth workers with all the materials and tools necessary to inform, influence and train young people towards more ecologically friendly fashion choices to create a greener and sustainable fashion future.

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BRAND Project Meeting in Copenhagen

On the 11th and 12th of May 2023, Crossing Borders (CB) hosted one of the transnational project meetings of the Erasmus+ BRAND Sustainable Fashion project in Copenhagen. The 6 partner organizations gathered at CB’s facilities to discuss and plan the final stages of the ECO-FASHION Toolkit and the upcoming project results.

The CB team organized a dual sustainability event to host the BRAND project partners. On the sunny afternoon of May 11th, the project partners and other CB guests walked along the Sustainable Fashion Migrant Tour route to discover the hidden gems of the many thrift, upcycling, vintage, and second-hand stores in the vibrant neighbourhood of Nørrebro. The route was designed by CB BRAND project collaborators to present different forms of sustainable fashion businesses in Copenhagen through a migrant perspective, inspired by the CB Migrant Tour project. 

After the tour, participants attended a Food for Thought Sustainability event with Karen Blincoe, an expert on the subject, who invited BRAND Coordinator Lena Gruber to speak about the BRAND project for an audience of 30 people. Lena mentioned the BRAND project objectives of increasing awareness about sustainable fashion consumption among young people and sustaining future generations. Food for Thought is a monthly social event organized by CB as the name suggests bringing important themes of our modern society for reflection. It also includes the incredible experience of a community dinner in Copenhagen, where participants have the opportunity to talk about the topic and interact with different people and of course enjoy a fabulous vegetarian dinner prepared with love by immigrant women in Denmark.

Stay tuned for BRAND Sustainable Fashion Results

The first project result, the ECO-FASHION Toolkit, will be released soon! It will provide a dynamic and interactive experience designed for young people and youth workers. Follow BRAND on social media for more details about the BRAND Sustainable Fashion project and access to the Eco-Fashion toolkit.

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