Armenia Meeting Point – ACGRC Armenia

The mission:  

Our mission is to create a platform for awareness, learning, collaboration, and dialogue among 15 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), and media outlets in Armenia. Capacity building and knowledge exchange through a new innovative learning platform, to foster good practices and collaborations which will strengthen the civil society of Armenia.  

Stronger civil society needed: 

In recent history, civic society space of Armenia is very challenged from the background of war and conflicts. The country is a very young democracy, with more need for a strong civil society space now than ever. The intervention will raise awareness and create new opportunities for cross-sector collaboration based on common interests with different types of actors. The platform connects members of CSOs, CBOs and media outlets to find common goals and collaborations.  

Our partner:  

Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC), a leading advocate for democracy in Armenia. ACGRC is a frontrunner in promoting democracy and civil society in Armenia. Our partnership has been strengthened through previous collaborations, notably the Youth Ambassadors for Peace consortium, where we empowered Armenian youth to become peace ambassadors. 

Goal of the Armenia Meeting Point (AMT):  

We expect this intervention to not only enhance our individual organizations’ capabilities but also further solidify our partnership. Both CB and ACGRC share a commitment to creating spaces for dialogue and active citizenship. Our mutual dedication to fostering positive change in Armenia’s civil society will create a brighter future for Armenians and ability to strengthen democratic values and dialogue.

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