Democracy Debate Hub – MilleniuM, Moldova

Our Mission: 

The Democracy Debate Hub project is committed to empowering at least 150 young people between the ages of 14 and 20 in Moldova with essential communication, collaboration, and debating skills, enabling them to navigate the complex world of information, propaganda, and fake news. Through engaging debates and inclusive learning, the project aims to promote youth engagement and inclusivity, ultimately strengthening the foundations of democracy in Moldova. 

Empowering Moldovan Youth: Strengthening Democracy and Critical Thinking 

The Democracy Debate Hub project is important for Moldova, a country facing challenges in the information era. Many young people here struggle to tell what’s true from what’s not in a world full of misleading information. The project helps Moldovan youth develop important skills like critical thinking and communication. It also creates 15 Democracy Debate Hubs across Moldova where young people can come together to discuss important topics. The project hopes to make Moldova’s democracy stronger and bring young people from different backgrounds closer together. 


The Democracy Debate Hub project is a collaboration between Crossing Borders and the MilleniuM Training and Development Institute, two organizations with a shared commitment to youth empowerment and democracy-building. This partnership is built on the success of previous initiatives, such as the Youth Ambassadors for Peace project in 2018-2020. 

Our Goal 

Our primary aim is to establish a network of 15 Democracy Debate Hubs, managed by skilled coordinators, across Moldovan communities. Over 10 months, we intend to train 15 coordinators from diverse backgrounds to initiate and oversee these hubs. These hubs will be set up in schools, youth centers, and youth councils, serving as platforms to promote democracy and civic engagement among young people. Our goal is to empower over 150 young participants with critical thinking, public speaking, and a deep understanding of democracy, enabling their active participation in democratic processes. 

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