Youth 4 Democracy – YPE and ICPI, Georgia

Our mission: 

Our mission is to foster youth empowerment, democratic values, and active civic engagement among Georgia’s youth. Through innovative capacity-building and knowledge exchange, we aim to create a vibrant platform for collaboration, learning, and dialogue among youth, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and local government youth departments, strengthening Georgia’s civil society and democratic progress. 

A Need for Inclusive Youth Empowerment: 

In Georgia, where democratic reforms have set the stage for a more accountable public system, there is a critical need to engage and empower the youth population. To transform these reforms into meaningful action, we require the inclusion and active participation of young people. This project seeks to address this need by enhancing regional coordination platforms, providing necessary tools and knowledge, and fostering collaboration among youth, youth workers, CSOs, and local government youth departments. Our aim is to bridge knowledge gaps in local governments, increase youth representation in development and decision-making processes, and mobilize and empower communities and youth for sustained dialogue and impact. 

Our goal: 

We expect to see the emergence of a robust network of engaged and empowered youth, CSOs, and local government youth departments. This network will facilitate the development of effective municipal youth policies and genuine partnerships. By fostering collaboration, building capacities, and sharing knowledge, our aim is to create a sustainable model that strengthens youth participation, promotes democratic values, and leads to lasting impacts in Georgia’s communities. 

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