Democracy Hubs Ukraine – Klitschko Foundation, Ukraine


Our mission is to empower young people in Ukraine by creating Democracy Hubs where they can learn about democracy, communication, dialogue, debate skills, human rights, and active citizenship. We aim to advance a culture of democracy and inspire youth to become engaged citizens.  

Empowering Youth Civic Engagement: Democracy Hubs for Change in Ukraine 

This project is crucial given recent findings that reveal a lack of interest among young Ukrainians in politics and civic activities, with only 1.3% participating in community initiatives. The Democracy Hubs, set up in regions like Chernigiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, and Rivne, where civic engagement is weak, offer an opportunity for youth to become active and informed citizens. This project aligns with UNDP’s recognition of the importance of youth participation for societal development and human rights protection. By promoting inclusivity, gender equality, and environmental awareness and collaborating with local partners, schools, and alumni networks, it aims to encourage youth interest in democratic processes and community involvement, ultimately supporting for a more vibrant and participatory Ukrainian society.  

Our Partner: 

We’re working together with the Klitschko Foundation, a NGO in Ukraine that cares about young people and wants to help them succeed. This project builds upon the successful partnership between Crossing Borders (CB) and the Klitschko Foundation (KF), which established the Democracy Hub Kyiv in 2020. Ourcollaboration with the Klitschko Foundation (KF) is based on a successful track record. KF has received positive feedback from youth and other organizations involved in the Democracy Hub Kyiv project.  

Our Goal: 

The project’s primary goal is to educate and empower  Ukrainian youth aged 14 to 19 by promoting active citizenship, democratic values, and civic engagement. It aims to nurture democratic values, encourage active engagement, and encourage discussions on diversity, gender equality, life balance, and environmental sustainability, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, the project addresses the impact of evolving media on democracy and equips young participants with media literacy skills.

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