Youth Promoting Peace and Political Tolerance in Zimbabwe (II) – 4 H Zimbabwe Foundation 

Our mission: 

This project is a continuation of our previous project, “Youth promoting peace and tolerance in Zimbabwe,” which began in 2022. We aim to expand on the foundations we have created in youth engagement and participation for peace and dialogue. Our strategy incorporates sports and arts to foster change in a way that includes the youth of Zimbabweon a deeper level. 

A need for higher youth and woman participation in Zimbabwe:  

During the first phase of the project, we observed that many young people were hesitant to engage in electoral processes due to various factors, including negative peace, structural barriers imposed by political parties, distrust in the election management system, and limited knowledge of voter education and electoral laws. Additionally, there was limited participation of women in the first phase, prompting a need for capacity-building efforts for women. We need to create a positive impact for a more inclusive and democratic future which can produce higher youth participation in Zimbabwe elections.  

Our Partner: 

4-H Zimbabwe Foundation, in collaboration with Crossing Borders (CB) and with funding from CISU, has a proven track record of working with the targeted project beneficiaries, the youth, and key peace stakeholders. In our previous peace project, we successfully engaged with the National Peace Reconciliation Commission (NPRC), Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), and traditional chiefs, fostering peace and tolerance. 

Our goal:  

With this continued second project, we wish to create active and peaceful participation of Zimbabwe’s youth in electoral processes by September 2023, spreading knowledge and gaining an understanding of importance in democratic participation. As well as incorporating peace building initiatives, using art and sports as way to be inclusive of youth and increase governance activities by May 2024. Informing the youth will also aim to advocate for pro-youth policies and engaging more women.

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