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The Green Eco-lab – empowering Ugandan youth to combat climate change.  

The mission: 

Our mission in the Green Eco-lab project is to provide support, supervision, and financial management. As the lead partner, Crossing Borders plays a crucial role in overseeing the project’s implementation, ensuring that the activities align with the project goals and objectives. They are responsible for project coordination, monitoring, and evaluation. Additionally, Crossing Borders conducts information work in Denmark to raise awareness about the project and its development efforts in Uganda. Through various local activities, online platforms, newsletters, blogs, and articles, Crossing Borders disseminates information, educating the Danish public about the project’s impact and the challenges faced by young people in Uganda due to climate change. 

Empowering Ugandan Youth: Addressing Climate Change Challenges through Green Eco-lab Initiatives: 

The Green Eco-lab project is addressing the adverse effects of climate change in Uganda, particularly in underserved communities. Climate change poses serious threats to key development sectors in Uganda, such as agriculture, water resources, fisheries, tourism, and health. The project focuses on empowering young people in secondary schools and communities to adapt to these climate-related challenges. Specifically, it aims to increase awareness and build the capacity of young people to detect, design, and implement practical, evidence-based solutions for climate adaptation. The project addresses issues such as air quality, weather variability, soil quality, biodiversity, and water resources. By creating a Green Eco-lab as an in-school training and experimentation hub, the project enables young people to conduct experiments and develop solutions that can support communities in adapting to the changing climate conditions in Uganda. 

Our partners: 

Crossing Borders collaborates with Open Space Centre (OSC), an experienced youth development organization, brings expertise and a robust network for engaging young people. Together, they establish a Green Eco-lab in an underserved school in Mukono district, Uganda. This lab serves as a hub for in-school training and experimentation, allowing young people to create practical climate change adaptation solutions.  

Our goal: 

Our goal is to empower Ugandan youth to combat climate change. We aim to raise awareness and build practical skills, enabling these young individuals to develop innovative solutions for climate adaptation. Collaborating with partners, we create a dynamic learning hub. We envision the Green Eco-lab as a center for environmental innovation, where hands-on experiments and shared knowledge thrive. Our mission is to inspire a new generation of environmentally conscious leaders, equipping them to create resilient, sustainable communities. Together, we work toward a greener, climate-resilient future. 

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