Learning Spaces for SDG 4 – Teach the Child

Educational empowerment for a brighter Bwari: bridging disparities in public schools   

Our Mission 

Our mission is to bridge educational disparities and empower 90 pupils from Bwari Area Council, Nigeria, who’ve participated in CISU-funded Capacity Strengthening workshops for Changemakers. We’re doing this through innovative teaching methods, utilizing specially designed educational tools and the TaRL approach. Our aim is to enhance learning outcomes, empower educators, and advocate for vital education reforms, all in line with Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4). 

Empowering Bwari’s Future Through Quality Education  

In 2018, research highlighted a stark educational disparity in Bwari Area Council. Approximately 80% of students were struggling with basic literacy and numeracy skills. This alarming finding underscored the urgent need for intervention. Our initiative, based in  Bwari, is designed to address these challenges by creating accessible Learning Spaces (LS) for 90 pupils who’ve actively participated in CISU-funded Capacity Strengthening workshops for Changemakers. 

Our Partner 

We’re proud to partner with “Teach the Child,”a dedicated organization committed to promoting education and positive change within Bwari Area Council, Nigeria. With innovative teaching methods and purpose-built educational tools, our partnership not only aims to enhance learning outcomes but also empowers educators.Our collaboration is committed to advancing SDG 4, ensuring quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all. 

Our Goal 

Our primary goal is to equip public school teachers and students in Bwari with 21st-century teaching and learning skills. Through TaRL, we aim to improve learning outcomes, foster dialogue among education stakeholders, and promote investments in public education. This project seeks to significantly enhance education in Bwari by providing accessible Learning Spaces for 90 students who’ve participated in CISU-funded Capacity Strengthening workshops for Changemakers. Through innovative teaching methods and specially designed educational tools, we aim to empower students and educators, advocate for essential reforms, and catalyze broader impacts, not just within Nigeria but beyond. 

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