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Empowering Uganda: Uniting Youth, Leaders, Businesses, and Communities for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Impact


Amplifying Localisation of the SDGs 

Uganda faces challenges in implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the local level despite efforts by the government to align with the 2030 Agenda. While ranking 18th among African countries in SDG progress, Uganda shows mixed achievements across critical areas like health, education, and economic growth. Issues such as funding gaps, limited grassroots involvement, and the exclusion of key stakeholders hinder effective implementation. The “Amplifying Localisation of SDGs” project targets Wakiso, Kampala, and Mukono, areas with significant youth populations facing high unemployment rates. This initiative aims to empower youth with skills to address unemployment challenges and nurture sustainable entrepreneurship. By aligning with Uganda’s Vision 2040 and bridging gaps between national policies and local action, this project strives to pioneer effective SDG localisation strategies, setting an example for broader community engagement at the local level. 

Our Partner  

Crossing Borders began partnering with Open Space Center in 2021, initiating the Localising SDGs project to foster a deep understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals within Ugandan grassroots communities. Open Space Centre (OSC) began as a university debate initiative in 2009, evolving into an established NGO in 2011. It expanded its impact from universities to underserved districts, notably through the ‘Youth SDGs Awareness through Debate Program’ in secondary schools. OSC focuses on empowering youth by sharing tailored knowledge and skills on vital community issues often overlooked by other organizations. Through trained young leaders, OSC fosters context-specific solutions in areas like democracy, STEM, sexual health, and mental well-being, aiming to create a new generation of youth SDG ambassadors driving change. 

Our Goal 

The goal of the “Amplifying Localisation of the SDGs” project is to significantly enhance citizen engagement in sustainable development across Uganda by strategically targeting and empowering diverse segments of society, including youth, religious leaders, businesses, the media, district leadership, and marginalized community groups. This overarching objective aims to achieve two key outcomes: firstly, to equip youth with the knowledge and skills to actively participate in ongoing SDG localisation efforts within their communities, and secondly, to foster a deeper and more comprehensive localisation of the SDGs through collaborative, multistakeholder initiatives spanning various sectors of society. 

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