Anti-Racism and Civic Courage Training

Is your class ready to engage on questions of racism and discrimination? 

Then we are waiting for you in Nørrebro for a free 4-day training – full of activities, dialogues, and growth.  

Interested? Fill out this form to let us know!

Key Information: 

  • Dates: 4 full days*, between February and April  
  • Location: Union KBH (Crossing Borders Offices), Nørre allé 7, Copenhagen 2200 
  • Participants:  15-30 students, ages 14-20, plus 1 to 2 accompanying teachers  
  • Cost: Complimentary with refreshments – lunch and travel provided by school

*Days can be consecutive, or split up over 2 weeks or 1 month 


Background of the Training: 

The Anti Racism and Civic Courage Training, part of our ACCT Project (, is designed to equip students with the knowledge and tools to combat racism and discrimination. It is a robust, four-day program, with the first three days comprised of non-formal education activities(exercises & games) and theoretical inputs and the last day as a practical hands-on visit with local NGO’s and activists that are engaged in this work. This training is meant to enhance the learners’ capabilities in anti-racism and fostering civic courage. 

Learning Goals: 

  • Understand the various forms of racism and discrimination. 
  • Challenge stereotypes and biases. 
  • Develop strategies for promoting civic courage. 
  • Equip participants with tools to address racism and discrimination 
  • Gain awareness on local mechanisms for reporting incidents of discrimination in Denmark. 
  • Foster diverse and inclusive learning environments. 


Why Participate? 

  • Dialogue-based and hands-on activities  
  • Unique opportunity for your students to engage in critical, real-world topics. 
  • Enhance students’ social awareness and responsibility. 
  • Foster a culture of empathy, respect, and inclusivity within your school community 


More questions. Email Andrew Gibbons, Project Coordinator, at

Meet the Facilitators:

Andrew Gibbons
Andrew is a facilitator whose work uses non-formal education techniques to encourage meaningful participation for all. His passions lie in youth empowerment, social justice, and the creation of multilingual spaces. Andrew has worked with learners of all ages on projects such as growing nutritious food in urban food deserts, training spoken language interpreters for democratic change, and youth engagement for active citizenship.
Maryam Alaouie
Maryam is a project coordinator specializing in digital media and communication, manages EU projects and focuses on communication strategies. Passionate about human rights, particularly in the Middle East, she actively engages in politics and social issues.
Bikalpa Bibash Basaula
Bikalpa is a Master student at Aalborg University specialising in Global Refugee Studies and has a background in Media Studies and International Development & Communication. He has Human Right advocacy experience with "Antenna Foundation Nepal" and "Citizens Campaign for Right To Information" and is passionate about supporting marginalised communities. Through practical work at København Kommune and his education at Aalborg University, he has honed skills in assisting migrants and refugees.
Margeret Maged
Margaret from Egypt has a dream of making the lives of disadvantaged people better through providing non-formal education, space for creativity, talent development, and dialogue. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and has worked as a project coordinator for a Christian channel called SAT-7 in environmental protection and raising awareness. She is also a board member of a charitable organization called "My Beautiful Country" in Alexandria, which serves underprivileged families displaced from Upper Egypt.

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  1. Vanessa Artiles

    Hello there. My name is Vanessa, and I’m an 17 year old immigrant from Nicaragua currently residing in Sweden. I admire your ideas greatly and was wondering if you have any activities or summer programs available in Sweden, or perhaps a program with grants to travel to Denmark for work and learning opportunities. Congratulations on this fantastic program!

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