March 03: Food For Thought with Natasha Al-Hariri

March 03, 2022 at 17.00

Ubuntu Huset – Købmagergade 43, 1150 København K


Next on Food For Thought! Natasha Al-Hariri, Director of DFUNK – Danish Refugee Council Youth.

Natasha Al-Hariri has become one of the faces of minority women’s struggle for justice. In the public debate, she discusses topics such as integration, Islam, and gender equality – not because she necessarily wants to, but because she believes it is important. Even though it has led to hatred and threats against her and her family.

Natasha has appeared, been portrayed, and featured in several newspapers, radio, and TV broadcasts in many contexts, which, however, are usually always connected to the debate on the integration of immigrants. She is declared a feminist and has marked herself as a clear voice in the Muslim gender struggle.

Al-Hariri wanted to use her personal experience to change the immigration system and integration policy. She therefore also ended up specializing in immigration law and human rights.

On March 3rd, Natasha will be here with us on Food for Thought to tell us about her story and how she ended up doing what she is doing. Natasha will also talk about the current situation when it comes to integration in Denmark, and what has gone wrong?


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