Civic Contribution to Strengthening Accountable Governance – Transparency International Zambia 

The mission: 

Our mission in Zambia is to equip civil society organizations and youth groups with digital tools and knowledge, enabling them to effectively advocate for transparency, accountability, and civic participation, ultimately fostering a culture of accountable governance and citizen engagement. 

Addressing Zambia’s urgent need for Digital Advocacy in Civic Engagement: 

The need for the Zambia project arises from the challenges faced in the country, including the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on civic engagement, a changing government landscape, and a shrinking civic space. There is a pressing demand for enhanced digital advocacy tools and capacities to strengthen civil society’s ability to hold duty bearers accountable and promote transparent governance in Zambia. This project addresses these needs by empowering CSOs and youth groups to utilize digital tools effectively, thereby contributing to accountable governance and improved civic engagement in Zambia. 

Our partners: 

We collaborate with Transparency International Zambia (TI-Z) to implement this project, leveraging our expertise in digital tools and international projects to support accountable governance and civil society in Zambia. 

Our goal: 

We anticipate a stronger digital advocacy capacity among CSOs and youth groups, enhanced responsiveness from government and duty bearers, and a revitalized civic engagement landscape in Zambia as a result of this project. 

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