Kyiv Democracy Hubs – Klitschko Foundation, Ukraine


Our mission is to create a Democracy Hub in Kyiv, where young Ukrainians can learn about democracy and how to be active citizens. We want to empower Ukrainian youth to become informed, confident, and civic-minded leaders, encouraging positive change in local communities and contributing to Ukraine’s democratic landscape through innovative educational programs and a supportive community space. 

Democracy Hub: A Space for Youth to Learn, Lead, and Grow 

The Democracy Hub addresses the concerning disinterest in politics and civic disengagement among young Ukrainians, as revealed by 2017-2018 surveys where only 1.3% participated in community initiatives. This underscores the need for spaces promoting civic education and engagement. Recognizing active youth participation as crucial for societal development and human rights, the project empowers young Ukrainians, encouraging dialogue, imparting civic skills, and addressing local and global challenges. Aligned with eco-conscious practices, it also raises awareness of climate issues and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Our Partner 

For this project, we are partnering with Klitschko Foundation (KF), a distinguished Ukrainian charitable organization. At Crossing Borders (CB), we share common goals with KF in promoting youth empowerment and civic education. Combining CB’s experience in project management and initiatives like the Great Debate Camp (GDC) with KF’s extensive network and education-focused projects, together, we aim to create the Democracy Hub – a platform empowering young Ukrainians to engage in democracy and build essential skills for active participation in society. 

Our Goal 

The primary goal of our project is to empower and engage Ukrainian youth, aged 14-19, in promoting democracy, active citizenship, and leadership within their communities who can positively impact their society and advocate for democratic values and inclusion. 

Through capacity building trainings, the Great Debate Camp, and the establishment of the Democracy Hub in Kyiv, we aim to equip young Ukrainians with essential skills, critical thinking abilities, and a sense of social responsibility. We also intend to create an extensive online platform for youth networking and knowledge sharing, promoting a sense of interconnectedness and enabling them to address local, national, and global challenges.  

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